• Mar 20, 2022

Is it possible to keep a 5 star review rating?

This has been a topic of discussion for many companies since the "review" culture began. So many companies worry if they're given a 1 star review as this may affect all aspects of their business. In this blog we delve a little deeper in to this....

You are a company with an unblemished review rating. 5 stars across the board and you have maintained this for a long time. Now, if you're not a client facing company, it is relatively easy to maintain as you're not having any face to face contact and can simply resolve any customer issues remotely. On the flip side of this, if you're a client facing company then this isn't so easy. No matter what your review rating, there is always a customer out there or a rival whom will be more than happy to knock you down to 4 stars. Is this avoidable?

The answer to this is simply...NO! As a company or an individual, you will never be able to please everyone all of the time. Let me give you some insight in to a possible contact with some customers who buy both online and face to face with us.

A relatively common issue in changing weather conditions after a brand new spoiler is fitted is lift. Depending on the weather when you left the fitting facility there is always a chance that a spoiler can lift. Its a fact! Lets analyse..

Customer 1: Contacts us and reports their spoiler is lifting. We immediately ask the customer to come back to us and we will completely remove and refit the spoiler. No questions asked. Problem solved, customer is happy. If the customer is a distance away and it is difficult to get back to us, we send out a new role of tape and talk them through the removal and refit over video call to ensure all steps are followed for a successful resolution.

Customer 2: Contacts us and reports their spoiler is lifting. We offer exactly the same as we have offered customer number 1, however this just isn't enough. This customer wants money off new products, petrol money, threatens bad reviews and in some cases physically damages the product themselves to obtain a refund.

Customer 1 is the majority of customers, however you will NEVER avoid customer 2! No matter how you offer to resolve issues, you're getting a bad review. Even if you resolve it, you're getting a bad review. These types of customers thrive off tarnishing good, small businesses reputations and for what? We have no idea.

So back to the basis of this blog. Should you panic and stress out over bad reviews? Absolutely not! You cannot go through years of public facing interactions and please everyone, so it's going to happen at some point. It is how you deal with it and how you respond which makes the difference. As long as you can evidence that you have offered every solution to them and prove they have chosen not to accept it, any customer looking at that will be able to see that you have an awkward customer whom just cannot be pleased.

We would like to get all of your opinions on this topic as customer feedback is extremely valued here at KITS UK. Please take some time to respond in the comments below so we can understand everyones differing opinions on this topic!

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