• The Mercedes Benz A35 Facelift!

    Months of guess photos are finally coming to an end as Mercedes Benz is unveiling the new A-Class facelift. This lineup will boast a hatchback and saloon body style.
  • The new BMW M3 Touring is here!

    With much anticipation and rumours, the iconic BMW M3 Touring has arrived! BMW’s M division has been stamping its mark on the automotive performan...
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    Can you avoid negative reviews?
  • Mercedes Benz A Class - 2022 Facelift NEWS!

    The Mercedes Benz W177/V177 was launched in April 2018. The Mercedes A-Class hatchback will once again take on another facelift at the end of 2022...

    Launching in early April 2022 is this absolutely breathtaking Carbon Fibre package by CT Carbon for the new Audi RS3 8Y Sportback models! Consists ...
  • BMW G22/G23 & G26 New Body Styling

    It's no secret that the BMW 4 Series G2x is certainly no eye candy for everyone, as many of BMW's enthusiasts were extremely displeased with the b...
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    What is the M xDrive? For the first time in BMW history, we have been blessed with a BMW M3 with four-wheel drive! The all new BMW M3 Competiti...
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    In this BLOG, KITS UK analyse the cost element to aftermarket styling to the new G Series range!
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    This brings us onto the actual topic of this blog, what is the real reason splitters fail. FITMENT!

  • The NEW M3 & M4 Body Styling

    The all new G8x range has sparked fierce speculation on its looks and longevity before a facelift model is released. Will BMW stick to their guns a...