• Oct 21, 2021

The NEW M3 & M4 Body Styling

The all new G8x range has sparked fierce speculation on its looks and longevity before a facelift model is released. Will BMW stick to their guns and run with the current model or will they succumb to a huge percentage of BMW fanatics who just cannot get on with the new look?

Here at KITS UK, we were also placed on the back foot with the bold move BMW have made with not only the G8x but the G22 4 series models. So many blogs, posts, articles and interviews flooded the internet regarding how "ugly" those huge front kidney grilles are. As time has gone by and we have not only had the pleasure to have both models on our ramps for a closer look but also drive them in order to experience the difference and compare between the F8x and F3x range.

We must say we are impressed! The G8x is far better in the flesh and the G22 with the M Performance Kit is a breath of fresh air! Enough time has surpassed now allowing the large aftermarket body styling suppliers to work their magic and come up with their own designs for new body styling on these models. 

After looking in to a select few, we have settled on the stunning design by CT Carbon. We will be offering this full performance package in Carbon Fibre very soon which will without doubt make your G8x stand out from the crowd!

We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the new G8x models. Also how you feel about the new aftermarket products coming to the market. Would you take your car to a "back street" garage run by young nail knockers or would you insist on taking your £90K M3/4 to a clean, professional and reputable company for its new body styling?

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