About Us

Established since July 2020 on the request of a loyal client base,  based in Featherstone (West Yorkshire) and providing a premium service to customers from throughout the united kingdom, KITS UK has been providing BMW Performance body styling and fitting for 3 years with now the addition of Mercedes Benz.

KITS UK was established as a middle ground for competitive pricing. Many people buy extremely cheap/budget body kits from places like ebay without the peace of mind that the items are of excellent quality and perfect fitment.

At KITS UK, we guarantee excellent quality materials every time! The fitment of the products are perfect for your pride and joy.

When you buy a BMW,TESLA, AUDI or Mercedes Benz of any range, this says to us that you want quality! Therefore, when looking to upgrade the car you have spent thousands to buy, ensure you have quality parts over budget price!

KITS UK do not believe in charging extortionate prices, although we do not believe in supplying cheap plastic and poor fitting products either. Our pricing is what we call 'in-between'. Not the cheapest but not the most expensive. This enables us to guarantee quality to your vehicle no matter which items you choose to fit.

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